Romans is a city whose history merges with that of its collegiate church and where the shoe industry and tanneries have forever left an indelible mark. One must visit this ancient town and push the door of these old houses, which sometimes are real hidden treasuries... not to mention the Sunday morning market.

The region of Romans enjoys a privileged geographical position where the diversity of territories and influences makes it the perfect starting point to discover the Dauphiné.

North of the city, the “Drôme des Collines” offers varied landscapes with gentle but sometimes rugged terrain. The “Facteur Cheval” and its ideal palace watch over the small town of Hauterives. Sometimes, from a viewpoint on one of these winding roads, the breathtaking landscapes of the western cliffs of the Vercors can be seen.

Precisely Romans is very close to the Vercors, and "monter sur le plateau" is only a formality. Up there, another world is revealed, wild and rough, like a reflection of its climate and history. Hiking there is a real pleasure and may enable you to see some of the wonderful caves that exist in the region!

From Romans to the Rhone Valley, there is very little distance too. Lined with apricot trees and other fruit trees, this road will lead you to discover the vineyards of Crozes-Hermitage and finishes at the prestigious one of Hermitage.

Heading south, along the great plain of the Rhone, will bring you the smells of the not so distant Provence...

Enjoy your discovery


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Saint Antoine l'Abbaye

Mémorial de la Résistance

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